It all begins with an idea.

Viking Realty is about one thing. Building a tribe. We help people find homes and that means people trust us to help them through something that will impact their lives in a significant way for years to come. We take that responsibility very seriously, we protect our tribe.

When we began the discussion about opening our own brokerage it probably didn’t sound like what you are thinking. We weren’t idealistic, we weren’t dreamy about a massive real estate empire that conquers all. We were PISSED OFF! We sell real estate, it’s what we do. We LOVE what we do and we just wanted to do it and be left alone. We want to focus on what matters, our tribe, our people, our clients….

Viking Realty is about building something not because “that’s the way we’ve always done it” (I hate that phrase) but because there is always someone that needs help navigating this process and we will always be here to help.